Critical Thinking Part 4: Political Correctness

In today’s politically correct climate, you are at once free to think and believe anything you want, without discriminatory judgments against those thoughts. All must be tolerated. However, if you hold politically incorrect opinions or beliefs—no matter how valid or heartfelt—you will not be tolerated.

So there’s a fundamentally contradictory irony in the radical relativists’ position. If they hold that all is relative, then that sentence itself is contradictory because “all” is an absolute. Furthermore, as I noted above, the politically correct crowd and the radical relativists are generally one and the same. They scoff at the notion of any Absolute moral or philosophical “Truths” while simultaneously insisting that their politically correct positions are absolutely correct.

They attempt, in other words, to enforce tolerance through intolerance of dissenting viewpoints. I elaborate on the above points not just as a primer or warning, but to make a profound point about analysis: to analyze is to discriminate, to make judgments, to say that one thing is better than another, to determine what is true and what is false, and to suggest how best to act upon those conclusions.

Therefore, if you subscribe to the radical relativist, politically correct way of “thinking,” then your analytical hands are tied and you run the risk of being ostracized and condemned for having an opinion that does not correspond to the “correct” one. By its very nature, Political Correctness is counter-productive to a healthy society. So, there’s a fundamental contradiction in such a position.

To be continued…

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