New Site, New Blog, Same Old Me

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new site for me–and I’m feeling good.

Greetings, one and all: students, clients, friends, and visitors alike!

This blog’s website will eventually contain my body of work. Not my body, just my work. I can’t fit my body in a blog, darn it. Maybe someday. Then I could just kindof live in the blogosphere. It might well be where I truly belong.

But for now, this site will just contain details and documents related to my teaching career, my businesses, and my writing. But not my kids. I can’t blog them either. Would if I could because they’re my greatest creations (thanks be to God, of course) and what life’s all about. Truly.

Whenever students have asked me through the years, that’s what I’ve always answered.

“Excuse me, Dr. Baldwin,” they’ve said. “What’s life all about, may I ask?”

Smiling sagely, I’ve always answered, “Raising your kids to be better than you.” In my case, that hasn’t been so hard for my kids, actually–since I’m pretty damn flawed.

So I’ve always followed up by telling my students what’s really hard to do in raising your kids, and for yourself as well: “Love life, love God, love yourself, and love others. Always give everything you’ve got, every day and in every way. Live a principled, decent life where no one can say too much bad about you. Be good, kind, loving, and busy. Work hard, play hard, and never give up.”

As I’ve alluded, I’ve failed at just about all of that advice at one time or another. But I’ve gotten better over the past decade, I think. Trying to learn from my mistakes and pass that wisdom on to my kids. That’s all any of us can do, right? Keep trying to be better.

So, check out the bare bones facts in my bio, if you like. Briefly, here’s a bit more of what I am and do:

Professor: Since 1975, I’ve taught English comp and lit, reading and writing. Check out some of my lectures in Powerpoint. You may need to use the Safari browser for them, since I made them before 95% of my students had even heard of online classes. So the programs I made them with (Impatica and the like) are dinosaurs. I just don’t have the time to redo them all. Sorry.

Businessman: Edit911 Editing Service has become one of the world’s best editing services since I started it in 1999.

Writer: I’ve written a bunch of scholarly articles I’ll be posting here, in addition to information about a novel I have coming out soon–An Uprising of Angels. That’s just the first of 3 more novels and a short story collection I’ll be publishing. I’ll also have links to many free books about writing and publishing. All kinds of good stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

Visit often. Join the Tribe on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (see the homepage).  I welcome suggestions or constructive criticism. Working hard and always learning is my life. Here’s the inscription I want on my tombstone: “His first day off.” Or as R.W. Emerson said: “Produce! Produce!”


  1. Hello Dr. Baldwin!!!
    Long time no see, I think 1984 to be exact.
    Congrats on all your work!!
    Friend me on Facebook, love to hear from ya!!
    God Bless
    Cardinal Gibbons 1984

  2. Dr. Baldwin,
    I was searching for resources to teach the upcoming Transcendentalist unit…. I was so thrilled to see/hear your youtube videos…. your voice brought me back to the 11th grade!! Thanks for the video refreshers as well!
    Kelley, class of 1985

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