Review of The Now Revolution

Want to make your online business “faster, smarter, and more social”? You should, unless, that is, you want to be left in the cyberdust, gasping for customers while e-commerce passes you by.

Consider The Now Revolution ( to be your manual to improving your website, business systems, client base, pitches, delivery, marketing, voice, image, publicity, reach…everything. I could go on and on about the brilliance, practicality, and efficacy of this book. Jay Baer & Amber Naslund know today’s e-commerce as well or better than anyone.

In improving my own business–as well as developing a new startup I’m launching in July–I’ve found this book to be an indispensible, inexhaustible resource. From emphasizing the need to be the Ritz-Carlton in your industry, to advising on how to create and enhance your corporate culture, to sharing invaluable strategies for taking full advantage of social media, their tips and methods are viral-worthy advice.

Do you need some guidance in organizing your social media strategy? It’s here, helping you with “the bigger picture perspective and keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening around you….”

Do you want to unify, inspire and rally your employees? Write a Cultural manifesto and “put it up on a web site as a living document that everyone can contribute to and refer to as a Rosetta stone…for decision making and planning.”

Do you need better customer service? Your customer service “lets you break out from the pack, solely by exceeding expectations through nimble, nuanced, timely, relevant response.”

Baer and Naslund are adept at exposing and proposing solutions for just about any and every possible weakness in your business.

“The playbook for…reexamining and retooling your company or organization to make real-time business work for you, rather than against you,” The Now Revolution is full of so many real and immediately doable action-steps, I’ve shipped a copy of it to all of my key employees around the country.

As a writer and editor, I also admire its crisp, clear writing and intuitive formatting. It’s a pleasure to read and a treasure map for any business to follow.

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