An Uprising of Angels

Fans of the Oscar-winning movies “Pulp Fiction” and “Crash” will love An Uprising of Angels–a cinematic, harrowing page–turner that takes place in Los Angeles during the 1992 Rodney King riots. Seven very different human beings living in a middle-class, racially mixed hood, find themselves caught in eye of the hurricane that reflects both the racial tensions of the time, and their own troubled lives. Thanks in part to his own experience on the L.A. streets, author Marc D. Baldwin has created characters who are starkly real. Some are good, some are bad, some are good and bad. They interact and react, attack and defend-preparing for what might indeed become the apocalypse in the City of Angels. And that’s before the riot erupted. Then things got really bad.

“Baldwin parlays his real-life experiences into his thorny, complicated, character-driven debut that follows a group of interconnected middle-class denizens through the urban underbelly of L.A. In [his] dark world of urban decay, Baldwin has assembled an edgy cast of characters that’s ambitiously broad and richly realized. The relentlessly grim and aggressive plot [is] worth a read for its rough, raw and luridly realistic portrayal of inner-city strife.”

–    Kirkus Indie Review

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Writing Fabulous Fiction

Reading, studying and teaching literature has been a big part of my life. I love sharing what I’ve learned from the great writers, movements, and philosophies. They have lots to teach us, if we listen and try to apply their lessons.

Ultimately, though, it’s just you and the keyboard. You best play that instrument a lot if you want to write well.

But there’s that damn “writer’s block” thing. This book serves to chop the block into a thousand manageable pieces by distilling from many sources their main tips and strategies for writing good stuff.

I hope there are some good ideas here for you to use.

Happy writing! And happy trails to you…

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Writing a Dissertation: An Informal, Irreverant, Pragmatic Guide to Getting It Done

There are hundreds of books about writing a dissertation. This one’s different. It’s not comprehensive and doesn’t cover every single detail with exhaustive research and appendices. Why should it? The world doesn’t need the 501st 300-page manual on dissertation writing.

This book is personal and unique. It has real advice about sensitive subjects that the other books won’t touch. Everything you need to know about writing a
dissertation is definitely not in this book. But there are lots of takeaways and essential info. We hope our anecdotes will make you shake your head and laugh,
perhaps sardonically.

We don’t treat the process as seriously as perhaps it should be treated. This book addresses both the lighter and darker side of doctoral studies. It can be fun, and it can be down and dirty.

So, get yourself one of those 300-page manuals. They’re good to have sitting on your desk. But this little book’s got some secrets, some hidden gems, some eureka moments you’ll find just as valuable as the 50-page chapters on documentation in the other books. We hope you like it. We liked writing it. It was

Now we can finally put that wonderful, awful, invigorating, exhausting, uplifting, degrading, rewarding, and costly experience of writing a dissertation behind us.
Here’s hoping you can too. Just get it done—whatever it takes—and get on with your life.

Enough said.

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Reading “The Sun Also Rises”: Hemingway’s Political Unconscious

The Sun Also Rises has endured a variety of readings but few have investigated its potential as a product and reflection of the prevailing socio-economic landscape. This book examines the novel as a political and cultural artifact. Ernest Hemingway’s self-avowed “suggestive” method allowed him to imply what could be explicitly stated only at the risk of diminishing his art. Furthermore, this language of silences and absences often represses contradictions between the narrator’s expressed “code” and his actions.

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Self-Marketing Guide for Self-Published Authors

Here’s a comprehensive list of methods for promoting your book. Some may work well for your particular book; others may not be the right fit. I’ve included a
wide array of initiatives so that, if you encounter one of these methods in your own research, you will have insight into how effective I believe it to be.

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